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Junken Drivers, a steam punk styled game, offers local Split Screen racing game where up to 4 controllers can be connected to race against each other.

Mechanics :

Vehicle Movement : accelerate , brake, turn , drift(later), reverse


  • Selecting items and dropping them on the tracks.
  • Dropped Items acts as debris and obstacles, except “hood” it acts as a ramp for the vehicles to jump.
  • Collect Collectibles and regain parts.
  • Or use pit stops to heal you car(Longer you wait more you heal).

Effects of losing Individual parts:

  • Doors: Delayed Input for turning left or right.
  • Tires: Lose speed
  • Hood: Use as a ramp
  • More to come.

Effects on colliding with dropped parts:

  • Each part will have different colliders (hitboxes), player will lose the part that it collides with. E.g. if you collide with something by your door you lose the door.

Turbo System:

  • Boost meter is filled when you perform various activities.
  • Get a turbo boost for staying in air/Jumping with ramp(The longer you’re in air, more boost you get).
  • Get a boost when you near miss an obstacle on the track.


  • Individual Item Collectibles(tires, doors , etc)
  • Random Item Collectible
  • Wonky control collectible which reverse the controls.(to be implemented later)


Junken Drivers [Capstone Xbox].zip 96 MB

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