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Flight Runner is a casual racing game supporting online game play. Mixing elements of racing and flight, collect power ups to boost through check points, in side winding racing maps. Challenge yourself to a new personal best time with precise turns and obstacle avoidance.

Starting with simple mechanics, build up your skills to achieve complex deft movement required to reach your full speed potential, bounce through countless Race Maps for unique and exciting game play, with family and friends!

Featuring game mechanics such as:
- Bouncy projectiles
- Speed Modifying Obstacles
- Speed Modifying and resource power ups

As well as further options for game play:
- Single Player Campaigns with Ghosting
- Online Multiplayer
- Survival Mini Games (Elimination Mode)


StatusIn development
Release date Jul 01, 2020
GenreEducational, Racing
Tagscombat, Cyberpunk, Multiplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


FlightRunner_Tan_Peter_20200515.zip 68 MB

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